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Summary of Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy Statement

ICBC Malaysia has put in place an Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy that establishes the minimum standards that must be applied bank-wide to reflect a zero tolerance approach towards Bribery and Corruption. ICBC Malaysia is committed to conducting its business dealings with integrity, and preventing anyone acting on its behalf, including Directors, Employees, and Associated Persons, from committing, facilitating and participating in acts of Bribery and Corruption.

ICBC Malaysia requires Directors, Employees and Associated Persons to comply with the principles listed below in the performance of their services for or on behalf of ICBCM Malaysia:
(a)Giving or receiving bribes or participating in any form of Bribery and Corruption is strictly prohibited;
(b)Activities undertaken by ICBC Malaysia, its Directors, Employees and Associated Persons* must not be for the purpose of bribing, inducing, obtaining or retaining business, gaining an unfair advantage, influencing a government or regulatory decision for ICBC Malaysia or seeking illegal personal gain;
(c)Actual or potential Conflict of Interest which could result in Bribery and Corruption risk to ICBC Malaysia is strictly prohibited; and
(d)Directors and Employees who refuse to pay or receive bribes or participate in acts of Corruption will not be penalised even if such refusal may result in ICBC Malaysia losing business or not meeting business targets.

The actual or suspected incidents of Bribery or Corruption, or violations of the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy can be reported via ICBC Malaysia’s whistleblowing channels as specified in the Whistleblowing Reporting by 3rd Party Policy.

* “Associated Person” refers to a person who performs services for or on behalf of ICBC Malaysia. This can include business partners, distributors, panel solicitors, panel valuers, panel insurers, vendors, outsourcing service providers and other intermediaries.