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Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM)

List of Insured Deposits*
(Total Insured Products: 8)

No Name of Deposit Product Code Deposit Type Currency
1 Basic Current Account 0259CR0100000001 Demand Deposit Ringgit
2 Basic Savings Account 0259CR0200000001 Savings Deposit Ringgit
3 All-in-One Savings Account 0259CM0200000001 Savings Deposit Ringgit & Foreign
4 Multi Currency Current Account 0259CM0100000001 Demand Deposit Ringgit & Foreign
5 Multi Currency Fixed Deposit 0259CM0300000001 Fixed Deposit Ringgit & Foreign
6 Money Market Deposit 0259CM0700000001 Short Term Deposit Ringgit & Foreign
7 Escrow Account 0259CM9900000001 Other Deposit Ringgit & Foreign
8 Trade Foreign Currency Account 0259CF0100000001 Demand Deposit Foreign Currency

List of Uninsured Deposit
(Total Uninsured Products : 1)

No Name of Deposit Product Code Deposit Type Currency
1 Margin Deposit 0259CR9900000001 Other Deposits Ringgit

 Your bank deposits are automatically protected by PIDM, view the PIDM brochure in your preferred language below:

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