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What is USB-Shield
USB-Shield is a security tool developed by ICBC in 2003. It serves as an identity card of our E-Banking customers.

USB-Shield Password
When you obtain the USB-Shield, please change your password immediately. If you forget USB-Shield Password, you can reset it at any ICBC branch office with your USB-Shield and valid ID card.

Application and Use of USB-Shield
As our E-Banking customer, you can apply USB-Shield at ICBC branch office when you apply our E-Banking services. There are three steps in using USB-Shield:

Step 1: Install Driver
Please refer to ICBC Guide to Personal Internet Banking System Setting to make adjustment on your computer setting, then install USB-Shield Driver later. Run USB-Shield CD if installed through CD. Select "System Upgrade" at the Installation Main Page. System will automatically detect the software, select "Install Driver" to install USB-Shield Driver.

Step 2: Download Certificate
After applying for USB-Shield, our staff will assist you to download personal certificate into USB-Shield.

Step 3: Use it!
After logon ICBC Internet Banking, just follow system prompts to insert USB-Shield into computer's USB interface.