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Huawei Pay

Credit Card is not protected by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (“PIDM”).

UnionPay Credit Cards issued by ICBC Malaysia are eligible for use on Huawei Pay.Huawei Pay is a mobile payment service launched by Huawei, in cooperation with ICBC and UnionPay in Malaysia. Huawei Pay allows you to pay with phones capable of Near Field Communication (NFC), instead of using your physical ICBC cards. You can make secure and convenient payments, simply by tapping your NFC-capable phone against a contactless payment terminal or card reader. To use Huawei Pay, download Huawei Wallet Application from AppGallery and install.

★ How to set up
Before using Huawei Pay, ensure that you have updated your phone and Wallet to the latest version.
1.Open Wallet and log in to your HUAWEI ID. If you do not yet have a HUAWEI ID, follow the onscreen instructions to register one.
2.Touch the plus sign (+) to add a ICBC card.
3.Scan your ICBC card or enter your card number manually. Then fill in all the required fields, such as expiration date and security code.
4.Enter verification code provided by ICBC via text message. If you are unable to finish verification, please contact ICBC. After the verification is finished, your ICBC card is successfully added.
5.If this is the first time a ICBC card is added, you need to complete some security settings. Follow the onscreen instructions to set a security phone number, Payment PIN, and security question.
6.Select a payment authentication method. For security and convenience, it is strongly recommended that you use fingerprint or facial recognition as the payment authentication method, with which you don't need an Internet connection to make an in-store payment by tapping your phone. After selecting a payment authentication method, touch   at the top left corner TWICE to return to the home screen of Wallet.
7.If no fingerprint or facial data has been enrolled, you will be taken to the related settings screen. After the settings are completed, touch   at the top left corner of the screen to return to the Payment authentication method screen, and then select a payment authentication method.
★ How to use
1.Where can I use Huawei Pay?
Huawei Pay works where you see one of these symbols.

2.How does Huawei Pay work?
Huawei Pay can be used for:
● In-store payments by tapping your phone where UnionPay contactless payments are accepted;
● In-app purchases by selecting Huawei Pay as the payment method at checkout and complete payment using fingerprint, facial recognition or payment PIN.

3.How to make an in-store payment with Huawei Pay?
First, make sure NFC is enabled on your phone, by going to Settings > Device connectivity > NFC. Alternatively, swipe down from the top of the screen to display the notification panel.
Touch  to display all switch shortcuts and verify that NFC is enabled.

● When the screen is locked, use your fingerprint for HUAWEI Wallet quick pay to access the payment screen, with no network connection required.
● Authenticate the payment with your fingerprint, face, or Payment PIN.
● If you do not want to use the default ICBC card for the payment, touch it, and then select another card.
● Enter your ICBC card PIN or sign on the printed ticket if you are asked to:
The network connection is not required only when you authenticate the payment with your fingerprint or face.
Password-free transactions are only possible when allowed by both your ICBC card and the payment terminal or card reader and when the transaction amount is within the transaction limit.

Huawei Pay FAQ