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Mortgage Loan

ICBC Mortgage Loan
Mortgage Package that suits your needs!

Whether you are a first time home buyer or looking to purchase your next property, we have a wide range of products and services under ICBC Malaysia Mortgage Loan to meet your funding needs.

- Daily interest calculation.
- Higher margin of financing.
- Longer repayment tenure.
- Applicable for either completed or under construction residential properties or commercial properties.
* Terms and Conditions apply.

Service Channel**:
Our dedicated and friendly mortgage officers will recommend you with the most suitable mortgage loan package, at the same time provide convenience and flexibility to accommodate all your financial needs.
**Subject to working hours.

Application Procedure:
Kindly visit any of ICBC branches for mortgage loan application.

Mortgage Calculator:
Use our mortgage calculator to get an idea on the monthly payments.>> >>

Indicative Effective Lending Rate
For illustration purpose, the indicative effective lending rate for a 30 years loan of RM350,000 with no lock-in period is 3.97%.

Month-Year Jan-15 Jul-16 Jan-18 May-19 Jan-20 Mar-20 May-20 Jul-20 May-22 Jul-22 Aug-22
Published Standardised Base Rate 3.25% 3.00% 3.25% 3.00% 2.75% 2.50% 2.00% 1.75% 2.00% 2.25% 2.25%
Published Base Rate 4.02% 3.77% 4.02% 3.77% 3.52% 3.27% 2.77% 2.52% 2.77% 3.02% 3.02%
Published Base Lending Rate 6.95% 6.70% 6.95% 6.70% 6.45% 6.20% 5.70% 5.45% 5.70% 5.95% 5.95%
Published Effective Lending Rate 4.75% 4.65% 4.75% 4.60% 4.47% 4.22% 3.72% 3.47% 3.72% 3.97% 3.97%

1)The SBR was introduced on 1 August 2022. The dark blue line in the graph and the dark blue numbers shows the historical series of the OPR,which is the benchmark rate or the SBR.

2)Indicative effective lending rate refers to the annual indicative effective lending rate for a standard 30 years housing / home loan product with loan amount of RM350K and has no lock in period.

Click here for Standardised Base Rate (SBR) Frequently Asked Questions.

General Terms and Conditions governing the Facility for Individual >>